Adelina Popescu


I am an architect with five years international experience. I am a registered architect with the Architects Registration Board in the UK (083498J) and the Order of the Architects Romania (TNA 7566).

I’ve worked on different typologies, from interior design to transport, mixed-use developments and masterplans.

In the last few years I’ve been working in internationally renowned offices in Europe and Asia. Prior to moving to London, I worked in Shanghai, a rapidly growing and developing market, that has allowed me to work on large scale prestigious projects, experiment with bold designs and see them realised within a very short time scale.

In London I have been working on significant transport projects, stadiums and big office developments. This has involved working with large design teams and consultants, a great insight into the large degree of co-ordination that these complex projects require.

What distinguishes me from others is my fastidious nature and diligence towards my work, as well as my ability to create high quality architectural sketches. This helps me illustrate my design ideas with great clarity, and ensures projects are completed to the highest possible standard.